Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mar. 22, 2017 #422, 195 Kinora Glen Road NW $249,900.

Buyers from past clients always trust me right from the beginning, most of the time . This young couple, coming out of town, is looking for apartment. Of course, I put condo review condition as one of the buyer conditions. I do not feel like using CondoCheck company any more after this deal as long as my buyer can afford lawyer review, and the lawyer we use for another deal charge fair service fee with excellent work.

As buyer agent, I always send condo documents right away to their condo review company upon receipt from seller agent, so CondoCheck can work on them eariler rather than later. Buyer listened to my recommendation by using CondoCheck company. In spite of my reminder to seller agent after sending signed offer, the seller agent, the guy I know won't order disclosure letter on special assessment. When it is close to the final condition day, I reminded condo check company that there are still documents missing for review report. You know what they told me, they will mark in the report that buyers need to get more information. How could there be a final condo review report for buyer to make decision if one of the most important files is missing??? What is the attitude? No one cares! It is buyers' money, not their own money. So we told seller agent there is no deal without disclosure letter on special assessment. That is how we got the rest of few letters and of course wasted few more days. It does not matter how many times I reminded seller agent we need the file. I guess buyers should be so happy looking through all emails back and forth with condoCheck & seller agent thinking they made the right decision by using my service.

No matter how much I do for you Mr. & Ms. buyers, I can never say enough thanks to you for your trust and support of business! Thank you again.

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