Friday, September 21, 2012

New Homes in Quarry Park Calgary

Quarry Park in SE Calgary was an area worn down over time by industry and eventually was no longer used as a gravel site. After the area became free for development the city and developers were left questioning what to do with the area. This is when Remington Development Corporation did well by stepping in and taking charge.

Lafarge was the former owner of the gravel quarry, a company that Remington Development Corporation had a relationship with through their own commercial real estate endeavors. Remington was looking to step out of strictly commercial and venture into residential developments where they could truly integrate commercial and residential into a community with a seamless design. Quarry Park’s riverfront property and close proximity to the future south east LRT was too good of an opportunity to pass up! Now transformed by Remington Development Corporation into an eco-friendly, innovative neighbourhood, Quarry Park has become a popular destination for people looking to buy a new home in Calgary.

Quarry Park is Eco-Friendly

  • Features multiple LEED certified buildings in its centrally located, European town style market. LEED certification is not an easy thing to come by and has many rigorous requirements of buildings before they are given this prestigious certification
  • Any old constituents of the quarry such as asphalt, aggregate and concrete were used in the new development of the SE riverside community, reducing the environmental footprint left by the developer during construction.
  • An innovative, storm water filtration system has been added to waterways found within the community to clean any storm water before releasing it back into the Bow River
One of the main purposes of the developer is to make the community a walk-able, connected community where residents don’t necessarily have to rely on cars to get around. Not only is there a future LRT terminal planned in the neighbourhood, it is also connected to several hundred kilometers of pathways found on the embankments of the Bow and Elbow Rivers and main recreational areas such as Fish Creek Provincial Park.

This community has it all! An inherently eco-friendly, riverside community with endless recreational opportunities and less than a twenty minute drive to downtown Calgary, it’s no wonder its homes are highly sought after on today’s market!

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