Tuesday, October 16, 2012


#1 – Maximizing exposure from the inside out

Almost everyone who is looking to buy a new home begins searching on the internet. If you are selling your home, it is imperative that you have high quality, professional photos. Make sure you have good angles of the front and back including the yard. You may also want to consider taking photos of the street or any nearby parks, playgrounds, schools or recreational amenities. Having good photos means a higher chance of getting potential home buyers to view your property, which is the first step in getting an offer.

#2 – Pretend to be the buyer

Perform a exterior walk of your home with a pen and notepad handy, so you can do an intense evaluation of what looks off, what needs to be fixed, what needs to be cleaned and what may need to be replaced all together. When pulling into the driveway quickly scan your home for other things that have might gone unnoticed, such as a soccer ball on the roof or some siding that has gone missing. Dents, dings and scuffs can all be easily touched up and should be so that you’re home is in the best presentable manner for potential buyers.

#3 – Ask for another opinion

Home owners often become accustomed to paint chips on the garage door, weathered siding, outdoor cobwebs and other mini defects that accumulate over the years. Asking someone you trust who isn’t a part of the household to do their own evaluation can really help give you an idea of what needs to be changed in order to maximize your homes curb appeal.

#4 – Let the light in

Homes with open curtains can seem more inviting and appealing from the street. Try opening up those blinds and curtains and if possible, keep the look uniform for all levels of the house. Homes with brighter interiors sometimes tend to sell faster than their counterparts.

#5 – Basic maintenance

It will do your home well to keep the yard clean of any debris as well as make sure you weed the garden, trim the grass / shrubbery when need be. By keeping the exterior of your house well-maintained, home buyers are left with an impression that the interior is treated in the same manner. Make your home ready

#6 – Look upwards!

Often enough home owners don’t pay any attention to the condition of their roof. Does your rooftop look dirty? Are there any shingles missing? If you are selling your home, having a fully-intact, clean looking roof will substantially boost your homes curb appeal.

#7 – Address numbers

Believe it or not, making your numbers look nice or more visible can boost your curb appeal. Happy looking numbers is a form of prideful ownership. Consider getting numbers that stand out and suit the style of your home.

#8 – Highlight your walkways

Solar lights are an affordable way to highlight your homes landscaping. Try using them along walkways and any other custom features you want to have noticed.

#9 – Lights on for night time showings

If it is night time when you have a showing, try to leave the lights on inside so the buyers are greeted by a welcoming, bright home from the moment they drive up.

#10 – Pressure wash it

Nothing cleans the exterior of your home better than a pressure washer. They are a very affordable to rent if you don’t have one already and are an efficient way to make your home sparkling clean. Make sure you get the walkways, deck area, sides, windows and underneath any roof lips you might have. Try to avoid using a steam pressure washer, as the temperature is so hot it could easily peel any paint off of your home, and also cause serious burns without proper personal protective equipment.

#11 – Colour is good
Boost your curb appeal by mixing up the colours of plants in your garden as well as in any deck and window pots you might have. Colourful plants can instantly promote the look of your home for the better. Consider asking for advice at the local garden store to see what plants will have the lowest annual maintenance.

Listing to sell in Calgary?

All of the above items will help you sell your home for the most money in the shortest time frame. For an accurate and current market analysis on your homes value please send an email to info@huijin.ca , I will get right back to you.

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