Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SOLD 东南区 Midnapore duplex没有管理费 $280,000

SOLD my listing C4064839 19 Midpark DR SE $280,000. 

My hiking friend's house. It is tougher than I thought as the condition of the row house especially original kitchen & baths. With tenants lived there for the first month and mess in the house, we got lots of attraction but only one offer. I would say owner was not ready for offer or do not really know what to do. Negotiation was not smooth at all as seller stop negotiation in the middle of conversation. 

After wasting two offers, I insist and suggest seller to work with the 3rd offer. It\'s never too late right especially offer is still on the table :). Atash said his parent can now retire. So happy for you buddy. 

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